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I find it particularly important that my fee structure is clear for the client.

In case of employers, I charge on an hourly basis.  In order for my clients not to be reluctant with "quick questions", I am keeping my time in one-minute units.  Upon request, I will provide you with a fee estimate before I start. You may expect a specialized lawyer who knows his practice and does not need to conduct extensive research for everyday questions. Consequently, you will be surprised how reasonable my invoices are.

A compensation agreement for employers is available under downloads.

In case of employees, I regulary charge fees pursuant to the statutory fee table. You will be able to calculate the approximate fees by clicking the following link. In case of an unfair dismissal lawsuit, please enter your quarterly income under "value of the matter in dispute" (Gegenstandswert). If you have legal fees insurance, this fee structure is likely to be accepted by your insurance. If you only need legal advice, the statutory fee table does not provide for standard fees due to a change of the law implemented on July 1, 2006. In such case, I regularly suggest a compensation agreement which will be accepted by your legal fees insurance.

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